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Dunfermline Genuine Horny Cub

Man in Dunfermline, Scotland, UK
Joined: 8 weeks ago
Last on: 11 minutes ago

3 hours ago... Horny Cub with Hungry Talented Warm Mouth Needing Fed Can accommodate Older&Smokers Welcome Annon&Discreet Blow and Go Now/This Morning

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Looking For

Men aged 28 to 78. Will meet smokers.


Can accommodate. Can travel.


37 years old

5'7"  170cm
Don't drink
Some tattoos
More than 5 piercings
Size: Pretty Big
Role: Versatile
Caucasian (white)


Wanking, Tattoos, Skinheads, Shaved, Safe sex, S&M, Rubber, Rimming, Piercings, Oral, Naturism, Muscle, Leather, Kissing, Cubs, Boots, Bikers, Bears, Army, Anal, 1 on 1
UPDATED Profile 24th September 2022

Here I am back here once again lol

Let’s Start Then

Few Things First

Guys that I have met previously can you please re send me a verification and I will return One.

I don’t see why guys on here feel the need to be complete and utter muppets when it comes to arranging a meet you either want to meet or you don’t ,this site is designed for guys to have fun and connect to making friends and if want to part of a drama group then I suggest you go back to watching the soaps lol lol

I give everyone a chance but trust me if you burn it in any way you wont get a 2nd one I’m afraid

I’m discreet so stop panicking

Over the years I’ve been on and off this site and I’ve made some fantastic amazing people and some that don’t deserve any time on them

Who think it's clever being total idiots and have no life apart from being a princess (move over and keep dusting ur tiara)

If you decide to make me part of your game, don’t be surprised if I decide to play

I’m a very confident passionate loving loyal genuine talented cub

Who isn't afraid of giving it straight and if you don't like it then I'm sorry to many people pussy foot around

People think I'm being aggressive in my attuide sometimes

I certainly ain't it's just I can see through the bullshit and won't stand for keyboard Warriors.....

Yes I've been around but judge yourself before you wanna open that page with me...

Do I want to settle down….YES but I have a bridge that needs repaired do you fancy restoring my trust???

If you want to know anything ASK me don’t fall into the trap on here

So lets go into the forbidden book of my talents and interests

My Sexual Interests are like a box of crayons and I always like to colour outside the box......

Its forever changing

I am versatile guy who can be a VERY VERY Dom top and can be a very powerful Assertive bottom

My hidden talent is my wet warm mouth that loves pleasuring a guy massive swallower I love the taste pics show this.....

VERY much into sleaze and Kinks

(NEVER Judge anyone on there KINKS)

We All like different things

Love Blow and go


Older and Smokers do it for me


Love a guy smoking during fun especially cigars a fetish of mine ( you can see through the photos)

Very much into pipes now....

Leather piercings

Suits daddies bears


I prefer to accom but happy to travel If I feel comfortable.

Happy for pics and Vids to be Taken

Intense tit play

Amyl We all know what these are lol

My sexual range varies from vanilla to mild and intense all depending on the situation

Most things don’t shock me and happy to try a lot of things more than once to fully interact if I like it and into it.

My age range is a base line but I do like guys 35-75

My photos are a true reflection on me and my personal traits.

I Do love cuddles and I enjoy going out and about holidays sex doesn't rule my life

Coffee dates and I will admit it cooking and cleaning

Fully Covid Vaccatied and had both boosters.

Regularly Checked Every 3 months

Just guys be yourself and take time to read profiles so you then can see what to expect saves all the questions and wasting time….

Well that’s me signing off

Will reply to all messages and I do expect a standard reply as its just manners and I’m sure everyone was brought up with manners.

Please check these out...




Happy hunting and Stay Safe